With Podcasting It's Not Always About The Numbers

With Podcasting It's Not Always About The Numbers

Podcasting is much more than the amount of people who listen to your show. It's about quality and who you get to meet.

Some shows, Entrepreneur's Enigma included, are both networking/business development tools and informational. Entrepreneur's Enigma allows me to meet people I want to network and possibly do business with.

But don't get me wrong. If you don't try and promote your show, no one's going to listen and you're not going to get those guests that you want to meet.

My big point of contention is that too many podcasters quit too fast when they don't see traction in the way of listener numbers. This is actually a good thing, it gives you time to refine your voice and the premise of your show. Not to mention get better at the craft.

Most podcasts don't get out of the single digits of episodes and if you make it to 30 episodes that's a win. Entrepreneur's Enigma is over 200 episodes, that's because I'm Nuts! But also because I love meeting new people and my goal is to help people realize that entrepreneurship is hard, and also a hard word to spell over and over as well 😂.

So if you're starting a podcast, give it time. Set realistic expectations and keep going. Don't worry about the numbers right away. Promote your show, but don't over think it.

What do you think? Let me know!

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