Is A Gateway Into The Fediverse Not The Destination. Is A Gateway Into The Fediverse Not The Destination.

Twitter/X has gone to sh!t. Many of the Twitter/X luminaries have moved on to Threads, Meta's answer to Twitter/X. But Threads is just a gateway to the greater-Fediverse.

Since Meta started federating with Mastodon et. al. I've seen lots of my friends become curious about what else is out in the Fediverse.

There are so many flavors and alternatives to traditional walled gardens that it'd make your head spin.

The beauty of the Fediverse is that they all talk to each other and interoperate.

For example, Pixelfed is an Instagram-like platform that I can follow on any Pixelfed-run site OR any other Fediverse platform, like Mastodon. And best of all it communicates in both directions.

So people who post photos on Mastodon can have their posts viewed by people on a Pixelfed server and, again, vice versa.

Threads/Meta's Hope To Monetize Concerns Me

Let's be clear. Threads is getting federated. It's not fully federated and might never be completely. This isn't necessarily a bad thing.

What concerns me is that Meta wants to put ads in Treads, which is their right. But that will just cheapen the experience, in my opinion. But then with the future of advertisements in Threads might make people walk through that proverbial gateway and explore more of the ad-free fediverse. So many my concern should turn into a hope? Who knows.

Ultimately the main goal is to get people off of Twitter/X, in my opinion. And if that starts with Threads so be it.

What do you think? Have you ventured further into the Fediverse than just Threads? If not what's keeping you? Let me know.

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Web Jawn

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Ice Cubes App for Mastodon for iOS/iPadOS/MacOS Graphic from App Store

Since switching my mobile OS to iOS, I have been hunting for a good Mastodon app. I found one in Ice Cubes. I tried the more "popular" Ivory, by the guys who made TweetBot, I like it, but there's something about Ice Cubes I just like better. There's so much more functionality and customization in Ice Cubes, I'm still discovering stuff.

Another thing I liked is that I can use the app in its entirety without having to purchase a subscription like I had to with Ivory.

Check it out if you have a chance. I don't have a Mac laptop, so I can't use Ice Cubes on my Windows 11 PC, unfortunately. One day.

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