Get Off Of Twitter/X!!!!

Get Off Of Twitter/X!!!!

Twitter is dead. I refuse to call it straight X. It's probably a good thing that Twitter/X isn't what it once was. So much more innovation has happened because of Elon Musk's bumbling of the platform.

But what I don't get why tech communities, especially those who claim to be inclusive and accepting are still sticking with Twitter/X for communication and sharing. Especially during conferences.

I'm Look At You SEO/SEM & WordPress Communities

The SEO/SEM community is predominantly on Twitter/X, as is the WordPress community. Both have some expats on and Mastodon, but not quite the population that's on Twitter/X.

I just don't get it! Elon Musk keeps showing his true colors and these communities only start to trickle to alternatives β€” if that!

This is seen en masse at big conferences like WordCamp Europe, which just happened in Torino, Italy this past month.

WordCamp Europe was a significant event for the WordPress community, attracting more than 2,000 participants from more than 70 countries. It featured a diverse range of activities, including presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities.

WordCamp is a great time. But most of the communication and sharing happens on Twitter/X!

The community is trying to show how inclusive it is, but by using Twitter/X during these events, they're doing the exact opposite.

Is there some conversations happening on Mastodon,, and even BlueSky? Yea, sure. But not like Twitter/X. πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

Ugh it makes me so mad and disappointed. 😑

Now let's look at the SEO/SEM community. There are more on Mastodon than those in the WordPress community, but still many of the big names are still over on Twitter/X. 😑 Hell, even is better than Twitter/X. I guess lesser of two evils.

Am I Absurd? Should I Just Shut Up?

What do you think? Am I upset for nothing? Do you think being on Twitter/X can hurt your brand, since it's Musk's playground? Is Twitter/X still a valuable place to be, even with the bottom-feeders there? Ugh.

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