The Power Of Customer Service

The Power Of Customer Service

So I moved all 40 sites that I own or manage to a new host. I left the previous host, not only because of quality of the service, but the feeling like just another number.

Now, I am aware, that I am indeed, another number. But when Flywheel was just starting out, they had an approach that my new host,, had. That all their customers mattered.

Flywheel was my choice for hosting for so long. They were a young and scrappy startup in the optimized WordPress space, until they were bought by WP Engine, a much larger optimized hosting WordPress company.

At first not much changed. Then slowly things did. The quality of the servers lagged a bit, the quality of the support wasn’t quite as good, and most of all every little add-on was a charge.

It might have been just an additional $2 per site for this and an additional $5 per site for that. But that get annoying and makes the customer feel like they are being nickel and dimed.

In such a crowded space like WordPress optimized hosting, you have to stand out.

It wasn’t until this WordCamp US, at the National Harbor in Maryland (just outside of DC), that I met Ben, Chad, and Dan from Ben is the CEO, Chad is in charge of growth, and Dan is the CTO.

I got to talking to them about and was impressed that they were willing to work with me and not try and lump me into a prefab package. That’s another thing Flywheel/WPE started doing, and if you didn’t fit a package it was a problem.

So I moved 40+ Sites To Rocket

Since I moved all the sites to, I’ve had a few bumps, but their team has been great and ironing out everything. Heck, even Ben, the CEO, has jumped in and helped with support!

Feeling That My Little Agency Matters — The White Glove Approach

So to go back to why I switched. made me feel unique and special. They continue to do so.

It’s the white glove approach and realizing that customers often have unique needs that made the difference. Because I can tell you, moving 40 sites, regardless of how great the team is, is a pain every time!

If you’re looking for a good host and want to help this newsletter at the same time, check out via my affiliate link. Or don’t. I didn’t write this for the commissions. 😁

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Find Of The Week

Kristina Azarenko built this great SEO extension, aptly called SEO Pro, for Chromium-based browsers that helps with basic SEO. It’s from her company Marketing Syrup and is worth a download. Oh… I forgot to mention… it’s FREE.


As always stay curious!

– Seth