Should Google Be Broken Up?

Should Google Be Broken Up?

Yea, I know this is a heated topic in the digital marketing space right now.

The question the regulators are trying to get answers too is Google’s dominance hurting the public as a whole.

I’ve been on both sides of the court.

On one hand, we’re in a capitalist society, why can’t Google be this big? There are other competitors like Bing and Duck Duck Go. Oh wait, they really don’t have a chance against the search giant that commands more than 80% of the search traffic.

Yea, not much makes me think that Google should stay together and not be broken up.

This past week, Google had issues with their Google Ads product. It effected tons of businesses using their ad network to generate business. No single company should have this impact.

I think the Organic Search should be separate from the Google Paid Search arena. YouTube should be spun out as it’s own thing as well. But I’m not an economist or regulator. I’m just a lonely digital marketer getting frustrated with how much we’re stuck with just one dominant player in the market.

What do you think? Should the Google cut down a few notches? Does this open the floodgate to other corporate breakups? Let me know your thoughts.

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Web Jawn

AI is coming to search. If you like it or not. This article in Search Engine Land is a good primer on how to get ready.

Patreon is a force in the creator economy. I’ve dabbled with it in the past and have liked the overall experience from the supporter side as well. I have to admit, I hate the new “ameba-like” logo. But it looks like Patreon’s head, Jack Conte, is on to some interesting stuff.

This talk took place in August at WordCamp US at the National Harbor in Maryland, just outside of DC. I was there and Josepha’s talk was excellent. It was just put online yesterday. Worth a watch, IMO.

Besides being helpful to those with disabilities, Alt Text is helpful to rank in Image Search. But other than that, not so much. So focus on being descriptive and helpful to the end user and not the search bots.

Cookie-geddon is starting soon. Eventually the death of 3rd party cookies will be upon us. As a marketer, I mourn the loss of the 3rd party cookie. We’re going to see less relevant ads and yes we won’t be tracked nearly as much, these ads will be even more annoying. This just goes to show that Google has too much power.

Instagram (aka Meta) Threads is coming into its own. With more features rolling out everyday. I just can’t get used to using it. I can’t wait until it federates with the rest of the Fediverse.

I don’t envy the content moderators right now.

Yet another way to message each other. Meta/Instagram is starting to look like Google with their messaging systems.

Case study on how you can leave X/Twitter as a brand and still succeed.

Google Trends is a tool from Google that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention. It should.

New features! Yea! Some of these look really good.

It’s the gift that keeps giving or the curse that won’t leave.

This is not good. Not one bit.

Just… oof.


Until Next Week!

Always stay curious!

– Seth