Podcasting Is A Great Relationship Builder

Podcasting Is A Great Relationship Builder
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Podcasting is a great way to build relationships with people you want to connect and... well... have a relationship with. I know! So profound.

Let me explain.

I've been podcasting since about 2010-2012. I love it. My current podcast Entrepreneur's Enigma, started as a pandemic project to help me connect and network with entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.

It was a good icebreaker to say the least. I was able to reach out to people that didn't know me and were probably way to busy to just chit-chat, with an offer to essentially ask about their journey as entrepreneurs and in turn build a relationship with them.

It's going on 3 years and more than 230 episodes and I have to say I've made some great connections and even made a deal or two.

Now remember the goal isn't convert these people to paying customers. It's about growing my network of people I know, like, and trust. Those people who I can call on later and ask questions and even help.

Now this tactic can be used on the other side as well – guesting. It's harder to get on other people's shows, but it's still a great relationship builder if done right.

Do you podcast, either hosting or guesting? Let me know!

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