Podcasting Can't Be Corralled It Needs To Stay Open

Podcasting Can't Be Corralled It Needs To Stay Open
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I was never a fan of Spotify’s play to lock up podcasting to their platform.

I’m not a fan of Joe Rogan, but their plan with making him exclusive worked. But everything else they’ve tried to replicate with that model has fizzled. Gimlet and Parcast were bought by Spotify and wasn’t successful all locked up. The podcast with the “royals” Harry and Meghan died after 12 episodes as well.

A quote from podcast strategist Eric Nuzum in an interview with Hot Pod:

“Spotify is in a very unique position of figuring out how to make things work in a way that will benefit them. But they haven’t done it yet.”

What Spotify is seeing is non-platform-exclusive shows work better. Their shows with the Ringer have done great as they haven’t tired to hide them behind a paywall. Spotify’s deal with Trevor Noah looks to be a good one as well. The deal is with them, but it will be available everywhere.

From Gavin Gaddes over at the Sounds Profitable newsletter The Download:

As has been said a few times over the past few months, podcasting is transitioning out of the so-called crazy money phase of massive deals for the sake of making deals. If the Noah podcast and recent public release of formerly exclusive podcasts are any indication, it’s likely the next few months we’ll see a more cautious and reserved stable of content from Spotify. A renewed focus on the concept of Spotify as a platform that happens to make podcasts, rather than a podcast production company with a walled garden.

A Very Personal Experience

There’s an undeniable beauty in the world of podcast listening. As a medium it offers an intimate and individualistic experience.

Diving into the realm of podcasts, you’ll discover a vast ocean of content that caters to different tastes and preferences.  These are three that stood out to me to why podcasting is so personal:

  • A Wide Range of Genres: Podcasts cover an incredibly diverse spectrum of interests and niches. From true crime stories to self-improvement tips, there’s something for everyone. This variety caters to the individual preferences of the listener, making the podcast experience highly personal.

  • The Freedom to Choose: Podcasts give you the liberty to choose not only the content you wish to consume but also the time, place, and frequency. You can find solace in your favorite podcast show while commuting to work or dedicate a few hours of your weekend to binge-listen to the latest episodes.

  • Forming a Personal Bond: The immersive nature of podcasts encourages listeners to form a personal bond with their beloved hosts. Over time, you begin to understand the host’s perspective and develop a sense of familiarity and attachment towards them.

Walling Off Podcasts Isn’t The Way

I totally understand why Spotify wanted to have exclusives. It makes sense in a world of streaming services like MAX and Netflix. But with people consuming podcasts differently from each other, it just seems that the medium NEEDS to be free.

Also a quick note, always have your RSS feed available so those who want to listen in their app of choice can do it easily.

What do you think? Mash that reply button and let me know your thoughts!

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I Was On A Podcast!!!!!

Joe Dimino was nice enough to have me on his podcast, “Famous Interviews.” I’m far from famous, LOL. That being said, this was an honor and so much fun!


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– Seth

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