Mental Health Is Extremely Important

Mental Health Is Extremely Important

As I write this I’m thinking of a recent Zoom hangout where one of my favorite podcast journalist Skye Pillsbury talked about how she needed to step back from writing her newsletter because of personal reasons, some of which were mental health related.

As a paying subscriber to her newsletter, I was sad to see her not continue writing every week, but totally understood the need to take a beat and deal with one’s own life.

With that thought, I decided to keep subscribing to support her. It’s important for creators of all kinds to listen their bodies, minds, and family and do what’s best for them.

With this everchanging landscape online and off, it can be hard to realize you need a break.

There’s always a new hotness out there and many are afraid that they will be left behind the curve if they don’t participate and use it. I know that I’m going to need to take a beat at some point. With the podcast ( and the newsletter, and my business, I know a vacation needs to be in the mix.

But that being said, I also love the structure that getting the podcast out and writing this newsletter every weeks does for me. The dopamine hit of hitting publish is addictive.

I think we all just need to know when to take a breath and breathe. Look back at what we accomplished and be proud of it.

What do you do to stay grounded and free of burnout? Let me know I want to know!

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I Was On The Find My Catalyst Podcast!

Seth Goldstein on Mike Simmons' Find My Catalyst Podcast!!!!

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As always stay curious!

– Seth