Hyper-Local Social Media Might Be The Future

Hyper-Local Social Media Might Be The Future

I'm really getting into Alignable, hyper-local social network akin to LinkedIn. The difference between Alignable and LinkedIn is the focus on communities, both online and in the physical world.

I first joined Alignable in 2018, I think. It wasn't, even close, ready for primetime. But I came back last month after talking to a colleague about it.

Oh my goodness it got so much better. Yes Alignable still focuses on local communities, but it also focuses on fostering connections between people and businesses.

They have speed networking multiple times a day on their platform via their Smart Connect℠ feature. It's built into their service and pairs the users with one-on-ones for 5-7 minutes to connect. It's quite clever, because it doesn't just encourage you to meet and connect, but instead foster a relationship.

I'm enjoying the Alignable experience so much that I became an ambassador for my local region to help facilitate local get togethers and connections. For me this is perfect, because I love networking, and this is a great way to do it with a great community.

Check out Alignable. I think you'll like it! 😉😊

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