Don’t skip a step

Don’t skip a step

Copy is a fraction of what makes people want to buy.
Don’t get me wrong–it matters…
But the copy on your landing page, in your video, or sales email isn’t a magic button.

It’s more like a traffic sign.

It helps people get through the intersection… The INTERSECTION OF DECISION

(That was lame. I’m not sorry).
Traffic signs help us get from one place to the next. With minimal confusion.  
Put that back into marketing terms…

Think 2 steps before and 2 steps ahead–

What 2 steps got someone to your current copy?
And what 2 steps do they need after they read this copy (to want to buy)?

Say you’ve got a landing page.
But someone found you through a LI post.
They probably read a few of your posts…
Followed you…

Creeped on your LI profile (the works).
At some point they said, “you know what? Let’s check this out”.
And that’s how they ended up on your landing page.

That’s where your copy needs to meet them.

In their trail of thought.
If you’re too ahead or too behind though…
You give them the wrong traffic sign.

The wrong message.
And send them in the wrong direction (away from the sale).

Writing copy is easy. Getting in your customer’s head for the right message is the hard part.

So think what 2 steps got them to your copy…
And what 2 steps come next.

About Ame

Ame Proietti is a B2B copywriter and scriptwriter. She’s worked with software, communications, and creator brands to write messages their customers read, nod along, and click on.