Alternatives To Big Social

Alternatives To Big Social
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I like LinkedIn. I enjoy the connections I make there and I enjoy seeing where everyone is in their business life. But I've recently found that smaller social networks really where the true connections happen.

Platforms like Alignable have become popular as big tech gets more automated and less personal.

Alignable is just one of the smaller tech players that I use on a regular basis to connect with existing friends and make new ones. (I'm using "friends" loosely here).

Alignable is doing something right. They have Smart Connects , which are hour-long speed networking events held multiple times a day and for different industries and verticals. It's really a great way to meet new and interesting people to potentially do business with.

Services like BlueSky, and even more so for me, Mastodon have become havens for making new connection and cultivating old ones.

On Mastodon, I'm connecting with the diaspora from the fall of Twitter and with the federation of Meta's Threads with the greater Fediverse, I'm finding it really valuable for questions and discussions ranging from latest family happenings to what Google and big tech is messing up this time.

From a marketing standpoint, these new smaller social networks are untapped and ripe for innovation and marketing. But we have to be careful to observe the rules and customs of each network and respect each as an individual spot with its own personality.

Have you tried any of these alternative social networks? I'd love to know your thoughts.

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Alternative To Instagram & TikTok's New Photo App

Pixelfed Logo
The Fediverse Alternative to Instagram

With all this talk of TikTok making a photo sharing element to their platform and Instagram being dominant. The Fediverse had an alternative to both with Pixelfed. Pixelfed is an open source, federated, photo-sharing app for the Web, Android, and iOS.

Like Mastodon, and the other Fediverse platforms, Pixelfed had different servers you can join. I help run the server. Just like Instagram, Pixelfed has filters and stories. Though the latter hasn't really caught on that much.

I for one am thrilled that theirs an alternative to Instagram. Check it out. You can find me at @phillycodehound.

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