Online Networking Mixed With In Person Networking Is Important For Your Bottomline

Online Networking Mixed With In Person Networking Is Important For Your Bottomline
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I'm a big networker. Most weeks I'm at at least one networking event either online or in-person. This is how I've grown my digital marketing business. Brick by brick, networking event after networking event.

It's not about the instant sale either.

It's about the relationships that you form and grow.

It's a long play. And you need the patience and perseverance to make it work.

But when it works, it's a beautiful thing.

People like to knock LinkedIn and, even more so Alignable, for the spammy nature of people on the platforms. But if you cultivate who you're connected to and produce good content to share on these platforms, they are great online networking hubs.

These platforms are also a great gateway to in-person events. Both LinkedIn and Alignable have event announcement features. Use them to promote your events and to find others.

Alignable's biggest push is their ambassador program. Full disclosure, I'm one of them. The ambassadors organize monthly in-person events in their regions, which for me have been a big boon to my business. Not only am I creating lasting business relationships with people who come to these events, I'm also making it so that I'm seen as a leader and someone to connect with.

My suggestion to you, dear reader, is to spend 2 or 3 hours a week on Alignable and LinkedIn and connect with people in your field and who you're interested in talking to. Don't sell to them. Instead get to know them.

What tips do you have? Hit reply or share the tips in the comments below.

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