Networking Is Key To Business Growth

Networking Is Key To Business Growth
May 2024's Philly Startup Leaders' Welcome Wagon Networking event at Tactix Real Estate Advisors in Center City Philadelphia.

I've always been a networker. It's probably in my genes. I like meeting new people and finding out more about what they do and their story.

Lately I've been going to networking happy hours and events in the physical world. I have to say it's a whole other dynamic when you're talking to people face-to-face in the real world vs through Zoom et al.

Both have their advantages. One has significantly less traffic, that's for sure. ๐Ÿ˜œ But either way networking and connecting with people is the key to business growth. It's a long game.

It's about the relationship building, often times you're see the same people over and over at events and won't work together on a project for months, if ever. But when you do get a chance to work on a project or get referred by them to another colleague, it's so much better than cold calling/prospecting, in my opinion. It's a warm intro and the ice-breaking is slightly less thick.

Over the years, I've grown Goldstein Media's book of business solely on word of mouth and networking either online or at in person events.

Do you network in person and online? Which do you prefer? If online where do you find these events?

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