With Bad Customer Service It Doesn't Matter How Good Your Marketing Or Product Is.

With Bad Customer Service It Doesn't Matter How Good Your Marketing Or Product Is.

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I’m a PROUD member of the Marketing Podcast Network, run by the incomparable Jason Falls.

We’ve had our network on Spotify’s Megaphone podcasting platform since the start of the network. Generally, it’s worked well. But recently we bumped into a problem — a big problem. No support on the weekends! 😜🥸

Now, I get it if you’re a small startup just getting started and need to scale up to that, but even Megaphone, pre-Spotify, was a big dog in the podcasting space and now with it being owned by Spotify, what the f*!k is the reason for not having support on the weekend? It’s beyond me.

I’m going to break it to you… it doesn’t matter how good your marketing or product is, if you have bad customer service you’re going to lose customers and in some cases they will talk and you’ll lose even more.

Focus on doing what’s right for your customers. If it means you have someone checking emails on the weekend and have a 2-hour turn around time (I’m making up the amount of time), it’s better than having NONE!

This past weekend, Megaphone had an issue with advertising insertions. And no one could help or fix it until MONDAY! That’s really bad. What’s more… news of this travels. Like in this newsletter and on social media. So one upset customer can balloon into a huge crisis and reputation-buster.

Not a good look Spotify/Megaphone! 🥸

What do you think about customer service? Do you think that having weekend hours is a must for any size company? Let me know! Mash that reply button!

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