Why I Decided To Migrate To Ghost For This Newsletter.

Why I Decided To Migrate To Ghost For This Newsletter.

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update. I’ve decided to decouple Marketing Junto from the Goldstein Media website. Some of you might remember that Marketing Junto was originally separate before I decided to move it “inhouse” last year.

Why Now?

The reason for the decoupling is quite simple, I want to grow the newsletter’s audience and have it possibly bring in some of it’s own income. The best way for this to happen is through subscriptions

This is where Ghost comes in.

Ghost is like Substack (and all the others like it), but their business model is different. They charge a monthly fee for hosting and support instead of taking a cut of the subscriptions. I like this a whole lot more than Substack’s 10%+. Also, Ghost, is open source and nonprofit. If I wanted to, I could keep things completely free on the infrastructure side and self-host this Ghost instance. But, I believe in what they are doing and know the lead developer from when I started in Web design, so I’m supporting their endeavor.

What To Expect From Me

Not much is changing. I’m going to keep putting out the weekly newsletters on Wednesday for FREE. If you want to support me, feel free to subscribe for as little as $5/mo or $50/yr. Every little bit helps.

I do plan on doing some more writing if I get more paid subscribers, so stay tuned for that.

Until then, see you all in your inboxes again on Wednesday!


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