Who are you (really)?

Who are you (really)?

🎵 Tell me why

Ain’t nothing but a heartache…

Tell me why…

Ain’t nothing but a mistake…

Tell me why I never want to hear you sayyyyy…

I don’t need an about me page. 🎵

(Couldn’t have done that without the Backstreet Boys)

Seriously though. I don’t want to hear you say you don’t need an “about me” page on your website…

Because you do.

At least put in an “about me” section.

I remember my friend Jacob McMillen saying that every business needs an “about” page because people expect it.

And that’s reason enough to have one. Really.

It pains me every time I see a website with ZERO information about the business or the creators.

Who are you???? I scream in my head.

I don’t care how amazing your sales page is–

People need time to decide you’re “the one”.

The one to give them what they need–success.

So they spend time checking you out.

They look through your social media…

Reviews (if they can find any)…

And your website…

Including your ABOUT PAGE.

So don’t take that information away from them.

Use your about page to show people:

  • why you’re legit

  • how your values align with theirs

  • you have a personality (you’re not some bland cardboard cutout)

Your about me page is your chance to help people know, like, and trust you.


I give you Joe Casabona’s Podcast Liftoff page.

I think this page does a great job building the “know, like, trust” factor…

  1. Because I wrote

  2. His credibility is airtight yet…

  3. He’s a real person people can relate to on this page (not a money bro)

The TLDR: Add an “about” page to your website.

And make sure it helps people get to know, like and trust you enough to consider buying from you.

If you want a copywriter to look at your page before you hit “publish” (so you know it doesn’t suck)…

Grab a copy audit now.

About Ame

Ame Proietti is a B2B copywriter and scriptwriter. She’s worked with software, communications, and creator brands to write messages their customers read and click on.