When Is It Too Much Social Media?

When Is It Too Much Social Media?

Meta just released, out of beta, Threads by Instagram. I have to say it’s pretty well made and sticky. But then again it’s just another micro-blogging platform.

But what’s most interesting is that it will “most likely” federate via ActivityPub with the Fediverse (aka Mastodon et. al). In addition, Adam Mosseri the head of Instagram, over at Meta, says that they will also support social graph portability.

That’s a good thing. That means you can move your follows to another ActivityPub service easily from Threads.

This is what Bluesky, Jack Dorsey’s open AT Protocol system is up against.

I want to like Bluesky, but the fact that it’s so different from ActivityPub bothers me. But I’m slowly coming around to liking it for what it is and isn’t. But it’s just ANOTHER place to check in.

So right now here’s my ranking of importance for me as far as social media platforms.

  1. Mastodon

  2. LinkedIn

  3. Instagram

  4. Lemmy

  5. Bluesky (S3th.io)

  6. Discord (phillycodehound)

  7. Threads *

*Since doing the ranking above, I’ve already taken Threads off my phone. Too much. I had to cut somewhere and to be honest, I’d rather cut a Zuckerberg project than an open source one.

What systems have you tried? What do you thing about this, now, crowded space. I want to know. Mash that reply button!

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– Seth

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