Warp Speed With Artificial Intelligence

Warp Speed With Artificial Intelligence

Is it me or are we going, all of a sudden, warp speed with artificial intelligence? It’s still been under a year (about 9-10 months) since AI hit the mainstream, but it feels like it’s been around in this capacity for a while. Note that AI and ML (machine learning), has been in the background for quite a bit.

I’m reading that Google is frantic to make AI-darling and partner Anthropic work with their systems. Amazon has just partnered with Anthropic to play catch up to Google, Bing, Open AI.

Every day, not just in my circles, but in the main stream press, there’s talk of AI and not always in the best way.

There’s discussions of blocking AI from training on your public data using Robot.txt. There’s law suits from authors and other creatives that are accusing AI companies (looking at you Open AI) of stealing their content without their consent.

This is all within a year of going mainstream. Technology has far surpassed Moore’s Law of 2-year growth, iteration, advancement. It seems almost daily now.

Do I think AI will take over the world anytime soon? No, but I could be wrong especially with the timetable we’re working with now. 🤔

What do you think? Hit reply and tell me your thoughts on this.

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Web Jawn

This isn’t to say links are no longer important at all. They’re just not at top 3.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, ChatGPT shouldn’t be “stealing” content to train their AI. But on the other hand, not letting them look at the content and learn, is going to make AI less useful and possibly harmful. Harmful because with a lack of content to train on, it will start training itself on… well… itself and other AI. Eating it’s own tail in a way.

If you’re in the camp where you want to block AI from your content, here’s how.

A way to stop Google from using your content to train it’s LLM and a good walk through on how to setup your Robots.txt.

This is a big about-face for the social media site. In the past this was a big taboo. It’s smart, because I know a lot of people who want to keep their professional and personal lives separate.

To me, it’s too late to the game and not sticky enough. If it federates with the Fediverse, it might get some traction. But, I’m bias. I’m all in on Mastodon, et al.

Glenn Gabe is one of the OGs in the SEO space and knows a thing or two. I’d check out his latest post. It comes down to this… write for the user not for the search engine. Be aware of user experience and focus on QUALITY content. It’s not rock science. 🤪

The new search feature and it’s UX has made Mastodon so much more usable and user friendly. Jon highlights that next on the horizon are some pretty cool features including: Quote posts!!

A little older of a post from Jon Henshaw over at CoyWolf.news. But he brings up some interesting points about whether you should prune your content to have more oomph in the SERPs. In my opinion, NO, keep your content on your site and if anything update it if it’s getting traffic.

That being the sites that haven’t blocked it with Robots.txt.

Not ominous one bit. Right? 🤔

Pretty cool tech. Might be what’s needed for people to use Spotify for podcasts and not just music.

Wow didn’t see this happening. But then again Google is too dominant and Bing/Microsoft would benefit with a break up of Google.

A really good Pro/Con article about guest blogging. If it’s quality, I think it can be helpful, but if junk it will hurt the site it’s posted on in a big way.

This is good news for everyone. Newsletter and bulk email senders should have their emails set up correctly to protect themselves as much as the recipient. The recipient will hopefully get less junk.


A day doesn’t go by that I’m not in Agorapulse. I’ve tried so many other services and this one is by far the best in class. Give it a try. I think you’ll be hooked.

Until Next Week!

As always stay curious!

– Seth