Use Artificial Intelligence To Help You. But Don't Fully Rely On It.

Use Artificial Intelligence To Help You. But Don't Fully Rely On It.
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In a recent post on the Futurism's The Byte publication, the author of the piece points to a study that was done that shows that 52% of ChatGPT answers are WRONG!

This isn't surprise to me one bit. I am concerned though, because so many people follow AI blindly and this is too big a margin of error for that to happen. Especially in the business and even more so marketing space.

I've always said that AI is good to get the rough draft done, but is NEVER ready for primetime straight out of the LLM. NEVER!

So far AI isn't just getting things wrong, it's flat out dangerous, like telling people jump off the Golden Gate Bridge if they're depressed or put non-toxic glue on their cheese pizza to help it stick better. These are two clear WTF answers.

Ultimately, I'm not telling anyone to stop using AI. Absolutely use it, but check it, check it, check it.

What do you think?

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