The Unorthodox Way to Build a Bigger Email List Today

The Unorthodox Way to Build a Bigger Email List Today

If you haven’t already noticed, everybody is obsessed about passive.

• passive income
• passive growth
• passive learning

It’s become a part of our culture.

People want to do the bare minimum. And then they expect MASSIVE results as soon as tomorrow.

Now, the bare minimum isn’t always bad.

For example…

You set up an online course (and work your tail off to promote it). Eventually, that course is going to begin selling itself.

And then you can ease off the gas pedal.

That’s okay.

You DESERVE that success. You worked for it.

But consider another scenario.

Tommy, a new entrepreneur, spends an hour creating a bare-bones course. It has 20 minutes of video. The information is basic. And he posts it on a brand-new website.

A day goes by.

And another.

And another.

0 SALES” he reads.

So he gets on his computer and types up a few (poorly-crafted) tweets. Schedules them over the course of a few hours.

Tommy refreshes the page and checks the stats again.

To his disappointment…

his sales page got a measly 8 VIEWS in the past 48 hours (all from him).
What’s going on?” he asks. He’s frustrated.

His face turns bright red.

I deserve to be making money!

But little does Tommy know…

When you’ve created something brand-new, proactive promotion is your gateway to the top.

You can’t just post on Twitter:

Join my email list for daily tips about saving money.

Especially without any kind of social proof, growth will be hard. So what should you do instead?

Reach out to your network.

When I started my newsletter, this is exactly how I got my first subscribers.
I reached out to 20 people, and by the end of the day…

+15 new subscribers.

The “asking part” is the hardest part.

But once you do…

I can almost guarantee that MOST people will be willing to join. As long as it’s something they’re genuinely interested in (you don’t want them anyway if they’re not interested).

Now on the other hand — this WILL NOT work if you DM random people.
It might get you blocked.

Or you might get an angry message.

If you want to go the cold DM route, at least try to provide some value first.
I reached out to a guy on Twitter the other day. Really loved the content he was creating so I thought he might be a valuable connection.

Turns out he just started building a newsletter.

A few messages went back and forth. I was able to answer some questions for him about email marketing and what I’ve learned about it.

And then I told him:

You might find my email list helpful. Here’s the link if you want to join.

And he did.

So remember:

When you’re in the early stages of building your email list, promote proactively. Directly share your list with people who may be interested.

Just don’t force it.

As much as growing a list is important…

A farming-based email newsletter with 100 founders & CEOs (who subscribed “just to be nice”) is pointless.

Hope this helps.

Joshua Snitgen the founder & CEO of WordButler — a content management company helping businesses build a more intimate relationship with their audience through email marketing (based on their existing YouTube videos, IG Reels, podcast, etc.)

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