The Economy Is Weird

The Economy Is Weird

Is it me or is the economy weird right now?

I know “weird” is a strange word choice, but things as a business owner, feel strange at best, weird at worst.

Let me explain. My pipeline isn’t as filled as I’d like.

I do have prospects and I am closing some deals. But there’s something about the economy that doesn’t feel right.

Tech companies are laying people off, yet I keep seeing others hiring. I hear through the grapevine (aka. LinkedIn) that people are moving to entrepreneurship. Which obviously I’m a big proponent.

Yet as more people move to running their own businesses, you’d think there would be a higher demand for marketing services. Hmmm. 🤔

This isn’t just happening to me at Goldstein Media, a bunch of other marketing agencies are seeing the squeeze right now.

Could this be because the pandemic is now an endemic and the tech bubble burst?

I really don’t know. Is anyone else feeling that this economy is different than it was in the 2010s, even the early 2020s?

Let me know your thoughts. Yes, I know this is less about a marketing topic, but I’m curious what others are seeing. Send me a message and let me know what you’re experiencing.

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Web Jawn

Barry Adams is SEO royalty and especially in the SEO News business. He makes some great points about making sure your posts are SEO’d and properly edited before you hit publish due to crawl rates and crawlers.

The Google HCU in September devastated lots of publishers and websites. Here’s a great article from a seasoned site auditor on what needs to change and tips on how to survive in this HCU world.

Barry Schwartz in Search Engine Land goes through what was hit the hardest and what benefited with the recent HCU.

As if the Google HCU wasn’t enough, google is doing another core algorithm update this month. Oh boy. 😒

In my mind, if it effects the visitor in some way, good or bad, it is a ranking factor. It might be small, but web site operators need to realize that the push is for user-friendliness not bot-friendliness.

A gasp for air or a good business strategy? I’m thinking more of the former than the latter.

I think this is fair. I can hear people running around screaming “Facebook’s charging.” Which is true in a sense… if you don’t want Ads. Remember NOTHING IS FREE.

Possibly a trend? More subscriptions… great! 😜😒

This could be handy. I don’t use Instagram this way, but I can see how people can make certain lists and share certain things to just those groups. I applaud this feature inclusion.

Yes, I’m bias, I love Mastodon. But it’s good to see people supporting the tool and the system itself.

Honestly, you know why? There’s no checks and balances in the system to record and pay artists. There needs to be.

A good piece on how AI is going revolutionize Search and great impact SEO.


Until Next Week!

Always stay curious!

– Seth