T minus 1 month til Black Friday

T minus 1 month til Black Friday

“Dear Diary,

It’s October 5th. That means it is coming…

Black Friday is coming.

I do love the thrill of the last minute scramble. But what if I started early this year?

What if I started now?

I wouldn’t have to rush through my copy.

Pray there’s a (decent) designer free to make my landing page pretty.

And I could email my list…dare I say it…

more than once?

Yes diary, I’m liking this idea.

This year is gonna be the year I don’t wait til the last minute.

Thanks for listening,


Have you started on your black Friday offer yet?

PS– I think I know a copywriter if you need one 👀

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Ame is a B2B copywriter for tech brands and entrepreneurs. She also writes Script Tips— a weekly newsletter about copywriting for social media videos, and other stuff. I live by Bowie’s words, “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”