So YouTube Is Getting RSS Importing For Podcasts...

So YouTube Is Getting RSS Importing For Podcasts...

So YouTube is getting the ability to import podcasts directly via RSS. This is big because, after it's parent company Google, YouTube is the second biggest search engine destination on the Web.

I've been putting the Entrepreneur's Enigma Podcast up on the service for a while now. First as audio only with an audiogram over the audio and now video.

Since adding video, I've seen an uptick in views on YouTube. This isn't to say that the podcast players like Pocket Casts are going to go away, it just means that now one of the most popular sites on the Net supports podcasting almost completely. This is exciting.

From the HotPod Newsletter:

According to an October study by Cumulus and Signal Hill, 28 percent of weekly podcast listeners say they use YouTube the most for podcast consumption. That’s more than the next two competitors — Spotify with 15 percent and Apple Podcasts with 12 percent — combined. In October 2022, YouTube and Spotify were tied for most-preferred platform.

HotPod Newsletter 1/9/2023

It might even get me to subscribe to YouTube Premium again... eh, maybe not.

I'm not surprised that lots of people listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts either. Getting the other podcast players dominant isn't going to happen as long as RSS is a bit complex to do. At least more than just one click.

What do you all think? Are you going to hook your podcast RSS feeds up to your YouTube channel? Let me know your thoughts!

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