Reach... How You Get To It Isn't As Important As How You Use It

Reach... How You Get To It Isn't As Important As How You Use It

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It’s Friday right now and I write this monologue. I’m staring at my Marketing Junto LinkedIn newsletter subscribers and looking at my Marketing Junto (on my actual site) subscribers. There’s about 1/2 as many on my site as there are on LinkedIn.

For the longest time, it’s been driving me nuts that I can’t get those people on LinkedIn, who subscribe to my newsletter, there to move to my list that I FREAKING OWN.

They’ve opted-in to hear from me. So that’s not the problem. The problem is that I don’t own that list. LinkedIn does. 😒

So for the longest time, I’ve been stewing about what to do about this. I finally realized what I need to do. And it’s kind of obvious.

I need to hire a VA to scrape everyone’s emails that subscribe to Marketing Junto on LinkedIn and move it to my owned list. I’m Joking! Calm down! Take a deep breath!- 😉😜

In all seriousness. I realize I need to provide the content in both places. Damn it LinkedIn! Because as I say in the headline, it’s how you use your reach that matters.

Though I would love my LinkedIn peeps to move to my newsletter, I understand that they want to hear from me in LinkedIn. To be honest that’s fine and I need to respect that.

I use for all my newsletters. You know why? Because that’s where I want to consume them. It’s my choice. And when someone puts my main email address on their mailing list without my consent, it doesn’t matter how good the newsletter is, I unsubscribe. Sometimes I even throw it in spam. Because it’s not where I want to consume their content

The lesson here is to not focus on WHERE your reach is, but rather how you USE your reach. So if that means posting your newsletter in two places, so be it. 🥸

I hope this was a thought provoking diatribe. 😜 What do you think? Hit reply or if you’re reading this on LinkedIn comment below and let me know!

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