More And More People Are Listening To Podcasts. Marketing Opportunity?

More And More People Are Listening To Podcasts. Marketing Opportunity?
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Podcasts are now a mainstream media platform. They are ever-growing and highly engaged audience is listening and supporting their favorite podcasts. This is all according to The Podcast Consumer 2024 report by Edison Research (PDF).

This bodes well for me, that's for sure. I've been podcasting since 2010-ish and have had numerous podcasts on various topics over the years. The most recent one, which is 230+ episodes, is Entrepreneur's Enigma. I've seen an uptick in listeners since starting it as a pandemic project in 2021. A number of the shows on the Marketing Podcast Network have seen this growth as well.

So where is all the ad dollars? They are trickling in, but qualifying and quantifying return on investment is still hard with podcasts, though it's getting better. Services like and Chartable are good resources to find stats and figures on the popularity of podcast shows.

Marketing departments need to realize that it's as much about the ROI as it is about brand exposure and personal branding of their employees/leadership.

The people who I talk to are often concerned about the time commitment to making a podcast. I have a solution, get on other people's podcasts. It helps the podcaster get good guests and spread the word about their shows.

PodMatch (affiliate link) is a great place to start if you're looking for an easy way to get in front of podcast of all types and genres. I've used it on both sides. To get great guests for Entrepreneur's Enigma and to be on other podcasters shows.

All in all, podcasts are hitting their second or third renaissance and finally it's a medium to pay attention to.

If you have questions about podcasting, either starting your own or guesting on other's shows, hit me up!

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