Not All About The Numbers. It's About The Quality Of Your Content.

Not All About The Numbers. It's About The Quality Of Your Content.
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Lots of so called “influencers” talk about their follower numbers and their reach. Try this, produce great content and the numbers will follow.

I swear, if I hear one more “digital influencer” talk about how big their following is on a video and the 3 things I can do to do the same thing, I’ll scream. 😵‍💫

The reason… no two strategies and people are the same. So what might work for one person most likely wont’ work for the next. At least as well.

I’m focusing on the long game. Producing good content and focusing less on the numbers of people I have in my sphere.

Quality content tends to attract a more engaged and loyal audience, even if the numbers might grow more slowly. It’s about building a community that values what you share, not just chasing after high follower counts or viral hits.

I’m not saying this because my numbers are small. In fact on some of the networks they’re rather big. But I don’t let that drive my decisions. I don’t want to be slave to the algorithms.

It’s about the quality of the content and the value it gives to those who consume it.

When you’re driven by the content itself and the value it provides to your audience, rather than primarily by numbers, it often shows in the work you produce. This authenticity can resonate deeply with your audience.

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