No Place For Nazis… Substack Is On The Wrong Side Of History

No Place For Nazis… Substack Is On The Wrong Side Of History

Nazis! I hate Nazis! Most of us do. Maybe even Substack’s founders, but not enough for them to de-platform the Nazis that have setup shop on the platform.

As you can see I’ve moved Marketing Junto off Substack.

This is the same reason I’m off of Twitter, I don’t want to be around a platform that doesn’t do the right thing, or follow it’s own content policies, and instead gives these horrible people and ideas a platform to spread.

Many will say that Substack is starting to remove some far-right, Nazi publications from their service, for me it’s too little to late.

From Ghost To Substack To WordPress

I moved from Ghost to Substack to get more exposure and have a social element to Marketing Junto. For the most part, it worked. But I don’t want to share my sandbox with horrible, reprehensible people.

Substack was/is a place where people can go to write newsletters for free. Once the writer decides to charges, Substack take a 10% commission on each subscription. That seems fair, but you have no say in who else is with you on Substack. That includes Nazis.

For the vast majority of us, journalists and writers, we want nothing to do with Nazis and their ideology. We just want to write our posts and share them with our readers.

Like advertisers on Twitter/X, we don’t want our content sharing space with horrid views. By staying on Substack, writers are supporting a company that apparently only gives lip service to those who are concerned, and has no problem taking money from these barbarians.

What’s The Next Move?

If Substack cleans up its act, and the journalists and writers I want to follow stay on the platform, I’ll continue to subscribe to content over there.

But if Substack keeps going down this path, I’m going to be forced to cancel all my paid subscriptions as I don’t want to support Substack.

I know this mentality, in the near-term, hurts the writers, but they’re choosing to stay despite what’s going on. So, maybe this will make it so they decide to leave the sandbox and take their toys to a new place.

What do you think about this whole fiasco? Hit reply and let me know your thoughts.

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