New Year... New You?

New Year... New You?

It’s a new year. Man, 2023 went by fast. With the landscape of digital marketing changing rapidly. What’s the plan?

Happy 2024! Here’s to a new year with new beginnings. Also a new year with different obstacles too. Sorry to be a downer.

Digital Marketing is going to change drastically this year. Artificial Intelligence is going to be even more advanced this year than it was in 2023 and it’s all about how we adjust to the changing landscape of digital marketing that matters.

Instead of resisting AI, it’s going to be how we use AI to our advantage. How we learn to engineer prompts to get the output we need.

Resistance is futile and doing so will leave you at a disadvantage.

I’m not saying take everything from AI verbatim. Absolutely not! Always check the output and adjust accordingly.

2024 is going to be an interesting year and I for one am excited to see what it brings.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. The comment section is open to all again. So let’s have a chat.

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Web Find

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I’m a huge fan of Scott Johnson. Not only for his great menagerie of geeky and fun podcasts but also his art work. This year to celebrate Christmas, he drew 25 versions of Santa.

Check them out here:

Well done Scott… well done!

That’s it for now. Until Next Week!

Always stay curious!

– Seth