Make an ad in an hour

Make an ad in an hour




These are the top 3 reasons why small businesses say they don’t use video in their marketing.

But there is a deeper issue–

People don’t know where to start.

So they end up on Youtube…

Or don’t use any video.

Youtube is great if your goal is to build your “know, like, trust” factor…

But content videos don’t sell (well).

You need ads…

And you can make ads that sell.

All you need is your phone, a plan, and about an hour make these ads:

Testimonial ads

Mix one part explainer video with 3-5 parts testimonials and you have this super easy ad.

Start your video off with a problem, tell us how your product/service is the solution and then give us a few short testimonials.

They could be video testimonials…

They could be text testimonials…

Doesn’t matter.

Then end with a call to action and your contact information.

User generated content ads

This one is even easier because your customers make the content for you.

Direct-to-consumer brands use UGC (almost) exclusively.

Sandwich users’ message between a hook and a call to action.

And BOOM! You’re done.

Send that ad out on social media and direct people to a sales page.

Product/Service demo ads

The first question people have once they’re interested is…

“How does it work?”

So show them with a product demo ad.

It’s like a product demo video…

But with the goal to sell.

So make sure you tie each feature of your product/service to your customer’s transformation.

(that emotional transformation).

The most important thing to remember is…

Marketing is a giant test.

That goes for video too.

These easy ads are a cheap (but effective) way to test your message.

And when you find the right one…

Invest your time, resources, and budget into that message.


You can make ads. Use easy and cheap ads to test your message.

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