Landing pages and emails-the dynamic duo

Landing pages and emails-the dynamic duo

Your landing page worked.

People hit the call to action button…

Pulled out their card…

And (actually) gave you money.

The sale isn’t over yet though.

They believed in you enough to hand over money…

But somewhere in the back of their head…

They’re waiting.

Waiting for confirmation that “yes, this is a good idea”.

That’s where email comes in.

Where it should come in anyway.

If landing pages get someone across the finish line…

Emails are the people cheering for you at the end.

You know, the ones who make you feel like running this race wasn’t stupid.

And no one wants a limp fish cheering for them.

But that’s what a lot of emails are– limp fish.

Bland. Boring. Lifeless.

We deserve better.

Heck even when your offer is free (like joining your newsletter)

You still gotta give us a reason to stay.

A lot of businesses–especially entrepreneurs–focus on themselves.

What they want to give you…

What their goals are…

And how they hope you’ll like it.

It’s all “me, me, me”…

When the focus needs to be you, you, you (the buyer).

Here’s an excerpt from the first email in my welcome sequence to my newsletter–

I mention “me” ZERO times.

Because this email isn’t about me. It’s about what you–the reader– will be able to do.

Landing pages and emails are a dynamic duo. Use them well.

TLDR: You spent time making your landing page persuasive. Do the same with your follow up emails.

About Ame

Ame Proietti is a B2B copywriter and scriptwriter. She’s worked with software, communications, and creator brands to write messages their customers read and click on.