Labor Day And Changing Labor Online

Labor Day And Changing Labor Online

Labor Day was two days ago. To me it’s one of the less important days of the year. So I’ll probably put some labor in and do a podcast and some work on the business.

I know the significance of the day and its importance and I’m not diminishing it. It’s just not one that I choose to celebrate.

What I am thankful for is that yesterday my 10-year-old son is back in school – 5th grade. He much rather be on the computer gaming, but I’m glad he’ll get more socialization and learn something.

Okay enough banter, on to what I want to talk about. The changes in labor, especially online. With AI becoming ubiquitous, how we do things as professionals online is changing. Schools are even embracing ChatGPT (et al.) in the classroom as a tool.

How we go about our daily work will change some for the better with AI and some for the worse.

Writer’s block will hopefully become a thing of the past with AI helping us get past that blank page.

But, will AI make our writing duller and less accurate? Possibly, if we’re not careful.

We need to remember that AI is a great starting place. But we need to embellish and expand on what AI gives us and make it our own.

Like I said, labor online (especially) is changing. It’s how it changes that matters.

What do you think? Hit reply and let me know.

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Web Jawn

Pretty cool stuff you can now do with generative AI. I didn’t know about these, so I thought I’d share.

Some big changes with the schema markup for FAQ and HowTo. Check it out.

Of course SEO journalist extraordinaire, Barry Schwartz, found this.

This means that SEO might be more important than ever. Only time will tell.

A total gimmick, but worth talking about, so I guess it worked. Good job Matt Mullenweg. It think it’s a way to say WordPress is here for the long haul. But $38k USD, yow! 😋

A good take from the co-founder of the WordPress project. I agree, I love WordCamps too!

A nice hat tip to where the snippet came from. Citations are always good.

Interesting concept. They had this… didn’t they?

A must read if you’re still in Musk-ville.

Find Of The Week

Made by WordPresser Marcus Burnette, this directory shows how expansive the WordPress ecosystem is. Definitely worth checking out! It’s fun to scroll down in the map and see who is around you who also identifies as a WordPresser. I mean after all WordPress powers more than 43% of the Websites online.

You can see my listing for Goldstein Media here and my personal listing here.


As always stay curious!

– Seth

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