Is Generation Alpha Doomed?

Is Generation Alpha Doomed?
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Generation Alpha is the generation after Generation Z. These are the kids that are in their early teens and younger. I've read that the Generation will be capped with the babies born through December of this year.

Recently, I read in an article recently that many people, clearly from other generations, think Gen Alpha is feral and doomed. I can't disagree more. To be honest, the headline of the article in the LA Times was very much clickbait as in the end it presented both sides of the coin.

Will Gen Alpha have issues? Yes. Many of them dealt with the Covid 19 Pandemic during their most impressionable years, and that will affect them for sure. I see it in my 11-year-old son, who now is glommed onto the computer, more than he really should.

He loves gaming and wants to be a YouTuber and a gamer when he grows up. Am I worried — a bit. I also see what he's learning. The kid has taught himself how to code Roblox experiences. He has a good presentation presence, though only audio since we don't let him show his face yet online.

Every generation thinks the next and younger generations are totally messed up and doomed.

Look no farther than at the Boomers to the Xers and the Millenials and even the Z's. Each generation thinks the next one is off their collective rockers.

But from a marketing standpoint, each generation is a goldmine for marketing. Each generation brings a new and, in my opinion, an exciting perceptive on the world and the 'net.

I'm an elder Millennial. Born in 1981, I'm 5-months shy of being a baby Xer. I remember life before the Web and Social Media. I'm a digital transplant and the first real generation to truly grow up online.

Looking at my kid, I see so much promise with him. I also see where many are worried. They don't drink from the garden hose (which is YUCK). Most of their communication with their friends, outside of school, camp, and activities is online.

Online Can Be Bad

This can be bad, but it also makes it easier for some kids to assimilate and make friends.

Though not all look at it this rosie...

Jonathan Haidt, a NYU professor, recently released a book called the Anxious Generation, he makes some good points, but I don't agree with all of them. I also think that some of downsides where he draws the proverbial "don't cross" is more fluid.

Haidt thinks that kids shouldn't have smartphones until high school at the earliest. And if they need phones get them flip phones. He was on the Hard Fork podcast recently and the hosts Kevin Roose (of the NYTimes) and Casey Newton (of the Platformer newsletter) did a good job discussing the topic with him. I suggest having a listen. They push back and don't give Haidt a pulpit. It's fantastic.

Here's where I stand. My 11-year-old will not be on Instagram until he's in High School. He's on YouTube, but not showing his face and just sharing gameplay. Limiting kids reach to technology can prevent suicide, but it can also harm them and keep them back from learning how to use this tech the right way — responsibly.

It's on the parents to keep tabs on what's happening with their kids on the web. They need to have access to all their accounts and monitor what's going on. Parents can't give their kids carte blanche and just care.

So Is Gen Alpha Completely Screwed?

In the end, do I think Gen Alpha is completely screwed? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Will they face new and ominous challenges? YES! But each generation had their challenges. Remember the Greatest Generation had World War II, Boomers had Vietnam. And we're all dealing with change. What do you think? Let me know in the comments or hit reply to the email.

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