I want to be like Nicolas Cage

I want to be like Nicolas Cage

If anyone asks me who I want to be like…

It’s Nicolas Cage. 

“Nicolas Cage? Really???”


Because “Cage Rage”– how many actors get their own adjective?

1–Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage is talented.



It’s hard to be memorable. Think about all the actors you don’t know. Or the ones you kinda recognize. 

But you can’t remember their performance. 

They fade into the Hollywood abyss. 

No thank you. 

I want people to remember me and my business

(And that silly song about broccoli I’m writing)

People mistake bold for controversial though in business.  

Controversial can be bold…

But bold is also confident. 

And I’ve been experimenting with “bold” a lot. 

You see, I have this niche site about nutrition (and a real degree in nutrition to back it up)

And this site is my marketing playground. 

The only thing that can really stop me trying something out is Google. 

(And Google has bigger things to worry about most of the time) 

So I channel my inner Nicolas Cage into my copy. 

This is my headline:

If that’s not bold I don’t know what is. 

I’m not bashing people who like yoga fashion or supplement use.

I’m making a statement. That nutrition comes down to the skills and knowledge you have. So it’s for everyone. Not just the lifestyle people who spend $8 detox teas and 2 hours a day at the gym. 

Bold also means trying something different. 

Search around nutrition blogs. Everyone’s story sounds the same.

They might have had their own health journey nutrition helped with.

They had this burning passion for nutrition and helping people. Now they want to help you live your best life with evidence-based nutrition

That’s not me. And I took my bold and different straight to my “about page”. 

Right off the bat–there are statements you don’t expect from someone in nutrition:

I love street tacos. Proper Mexican street tacos. And I chose nutrition because it fit with my life and goals (not some burning passion to help people)

Look ma, I’m different!

Now maybe people won’t want to read my blog because of that.

But that’s fine.

I don’t want everyone to read my blog.

I want my audience to read this and go “I chose Ame”.

About Ame

Ame is a B2B copywriter for tech/software brands and entrepreneurs. She also writes Script Tips— a weekly newsletter about copywriting, marketing videos, and other stuff Ame’s doing (like this niche site). As Bowie once said, “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”