Give Waldo his shirt back

Give Waldo his shirt back

“Got him!” I said to my friend.

I pointed to Waldo on the page.

“Yeah, I think you’re right.” She said.

I put my face closer to the page.

“Oh yeah, it’s definitely him.” I said.

I smiled ear to ear.

We look for Waldo in a sea of people.

No one else matters.

Sure. There are a few really close almost Waldos…

But when you look closer…there’s only one Waldo.

Once you find him, he’s unmistakable.

(or he’s fooled me for years)

Don’t be a look-alike. Be the Waldo.

Now. EVERY marketer (trying to sell you on marketing) tells the same thing…


Like you don’t know it’s important.


Everyone “knows” it. But then you and your business out here dressing up like Waldo look-alikes.

And when we put you all together…

You look the same. But we can’t tell what makes you Waldo.

Your website…

Your copy…

And your message…

(probably) Look like other businesses.

Because you have the same offer, same audience, and same internet sources on how to grow.


You are unique–You just have to think harder about what makes you…you.

Think the things you say, the things you do.

How does that uniqueness fit into your offer?

Aka how does your audience respond to that difference?

Hint: it’s deeper than surface stuff. But not complex.

When you figure out something your customers care about

And doesn’t make you cringe…

Weave that difference into everything.


Leave no tag, bio, or landing page unturned.

About Ame

Ame Proietti is B2B copywriter. She writes landing pages, emails and videos people click on, nod to, and buy from.