Get that (crystal) clear message in your video

Get that (crystal) clear message in your video

Justin Welsh once told me there are 3 things that happen when someone lands on your website:

  1. They know it’s for them and keep reading

  2. They know it’s NOT for them and click off your page

  3. They don’t know if this is for them so they keep reading

Now, #3 doesn’t seem like a bad thing…

But it’s awful.

Confusion is never good. Same goes for your videos.

You want people to know your message definitely is or is not for them.

How do we do that?

Use these 3 steps:

Step 1: Pick one goal for your video

  • Sell

  • Educate

  • Entertain

You need one main goal. Because every decision you make about that script needs to come back to this goal.

If you wanna sell, your goal is to sell. Nothing else. Same goes for the other goals.

Step 2: Pick a theme

It took me a year to wrap my head around “the big idea”.

But it’s basically a theme. And people like themes. They can relate to them.

You want a theme that your audience can connect to…


Like connecting, sharing, growing. Things like that. Because that’s why people (really) buy. They want to meet their emotional needs.

Your “big idea” speaks to those emotional needs.

I use this “big idea” in my visual and verbal message.

For example, if my big idea is growing, I’ll use words and images that represent growth.

If it’s personal growth, I’ll show people in situations where they’re growing.

If it’s growing a business, I’ll show people working together. Expansion.

That stuff.

Step 3: Edit ruthlessly

Let’s say your goal is to sell. Everything you write in your script needs to help sell.

If it doesn’t…

Cut it.

Have you ever heard of “kill your darlings?”

I hate that phrase, but the idea is solid.

Your video isn’t about you. It’s about your audience.

So read your script line by line…

Ask yourself…

  • Does this idea help my audience connect with my message?

  • Does it help them see their own success?

  • Does this help the goal of my video?

If the answer is no…



One goal + one relevant theme + ruthless edits = a clear emotive message

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