For Crying Out Loud, Own Your Content!

For Crying Out Loud, Own Your Content!
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My account on LinkedIn earlier this week was frozen for 36 hours. It really hit home the need to have my content on a platform that I own and control first before sharing on social media.

A good reminder that you want to have a website with your own content on it before you post it on Social Media.

Earlier this week my LinkedIn account was frozen for 36 hours, without much explanation. After submitting my ID all I could do is wait for them to get through the queue ahead of me to get unlocked.

I had to reactivate my Twitter/X account to get to their support. Yes, I felt dirty for doing that.

Even then, it only helped to get on their radar, because they pretty much said they’d get to it when it came up in the order of complaints.

I’ll save the the whole customer service angle of this event for another day. But let me just say that LinkedIn’s support SUCKS.

What’s more. I pay a good amount for LinkedIn every month and I still got bad service.

It was a good reminder that we’re all using LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. like we own our profiles and pages. We don’t. They are on rented/borrowed land that can be taken away at any second.

So What Should You Do?

Post first on your own site/blog, then share on social and even link back (in the comments) to the original.

Even shorten the URL so you can get some data to see who clicks on the source material.

Whatever you do, save your content somewhere safe. Don’t rely on these huge companies to give a crap about you and your content. You’re just a number to them on a P&L sheet.

Have any one else here been locked out of a social media account? How long did it take to get back on the platform. The comment section this time is open to everyone, not just paid subs.

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That’s it for now. Until Next Week!

Always stay curious!

– Seth