Follow Up: Is AI Really Killing SEO?

Follow Up: Is AI Really Killing SEO?

A follow up to my last monologue here in Marketing Junto about AI killing SEO.

Well... is it?

Not exactly.

Let me explain.

AI does a lot of the busy work of optimizing your website for you. It can generate meta title and description tags with ease. It can analyze your site structure and copy for proper SEO structure and reading clarity.

What it can't do is do this without a human with some knowledge of SEO and the nuances working the keys.

Well what about Gemini and Google's pivot to AI-first?

Good question. I think there will always be organic listings, I also think there will be ways to structure your content so it shows up in AI queries. Will everyone jump to the citations given by the AI? No. But some will and that will result in traffic to those sites.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's not an all or nothing answer. Will SEO change? Yes. Has it changed drastically since the advent of the Web and search engines? Yes.

So... is AI killing SEO. No, it's evolving it.

What do you think?

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