Do These Things When You’re On Someone’s Podcast

Do These Things When You’re On Someone’s Podcast

My Take

Full disclaimer… I’m not pointing out anyone in particular. But these really items need to be said:

  1. Show up on time or early. If you do have to reschedule, be courteous and give 12 to 24 hours notice if at all possible.

  2. Make sure you’re prepared to talk about the topics relating to the show.  This means researching, listening to other interviews, and generally familiarizing yourself with the content of the podcast. For example, Entrepreneur’s Enigma isn’t that hard-hitting, the questions tend to be the same across episodes. If you want to prepare, you can listen to an episode or two before you come on for yours.

  3. Test your audio setup in advance. Make sure your microphone is working, your connection is stable, and that you sound good too.

  4. With #3 in mind. PLEASE wear headphones! Even if you usually don’t usually use them, wear them. The audio quality will be much better and you won’t have to deal with reverb. Heck even earbuds work. JUST WEAR HEADPHONES!

  5. If you’re wearing headphones with the mic on the wire or a lapel microphone be sure to make sure no facial hair or jewelry is rubbing up against it. Scratching is hard to edit out and even harder to listen to.

  6. Remember the podcast host is having you on their show and it’s their show, so do your best to read any preshow information fully before coming on. For Entrepreneur’s Enigma we have the information go out with the invite.

  7. Always remember that you’re representing yourself and that your opinions will now be archived and live online FOREVER! Nothing disappears from the Internet.

  8. Remember not all podcasts are put out as video. If the host doesn’t do video, don’t make them do it for you. Be grateful that you’re on the show.

  9. Share the show to your socials when it goes live.

  10. Don’t bug the host on when your show is coming out. Often they will let you know when it’s planned on coming out. Sometimes, with my show, I have a long runway of episodes, so yours might not come out for a month or more.

In the end, you should be happy to be a guest on someone’s podcast and use it as an opportunity to share your knowledge. Have fun and best of luck!‌ What do you think? Am I out of place on any of these?

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