Despite The Tech Bubble Bursting... Startups Are Still Innovating

Despite The Tech Bubble Bursting... Startups Are Still Innovating
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I'm a mentor for the Founder Institute's Keystone Chapter startup accelerator. I've been helping out startups for the past four cohorts and been loving it.

It amazes me how some startups can go from just an idea to a feasible product in 14 weeks. It's a very intense accelerator, but a good one in my opinion. I'm now helping with the Spring 2024 cohort and there are some really nifty ideas flowing. I can't talk about them, due to confidentiality, but trust me some cool ones are, hopefully, going to make it out into the wild.

Advising Beyond Founder Institute Keystone

One startup that's showing lots of progress, from my second cohort, is Public Assembly. It's a fintech-enabled, grassroots civic engagement platform aimed at making small dollar donations count more in the political process. But like all good startups it can be used for so much more, including organizing social action groups and affinity groups that want to make a change in the world.

Full disclosure: I'm an advisor and board member at Public Assembly.

Another interesting startup that I'm going to start advising more is Zero Waste Loop, a startup based in Jamaica with the goal to make getting rid of was a zero-sum game and helping recycling become more prevalent, especially in the Caribbean-region. The founder has been in the waste management space in Jamaica for a bit and this new venture looks really promising. I'm happy to help out where I can.

Tech Bubble Burst

The tech bubble was bound to burst, especially after the largest part of the pandemic passed. But that doesn't mean that the small scrappy startups are gone. In my opinion I think the tech sector, as well as other sectors, are ripe for disruption. And with big tech going through massive layoffs and corrections, now's the time.

We're now neck deep in the cohort for Spring 2024, but FI Keystone is going to open up the signups for Fall 2024 soon. If you're interested click here and I'll be able to get your application prioritized. It's a great group with great learning and comradery, but it is a commitment. But if you have an idea that is nagging at you and you want to see if it has legs, now's your chance!

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