Dear Sir/Madam…

Dear Sir/Madam…

Seth and I never overlap on topics. 

But I can’t resist this week. 

Nobody likes getting cold emails…. 

And everyone hates sending them…

So why do people keep spamming you?

It’s simple (when it comes from a freelancer).  

We do it because you don’t respond. 

So yeah. This is on you. 

We get the hint when you don’t reply.  

But silence isn’t a no. It’s an unknown. 

Maybe you’re busy. Maybe you forgot to respond. 

Maybe you’re on vacation. 

Or maybe when you realize you do need to update that copy…

Fix your design…

Finally launch your newsletter… 

You’ll remember us. 

🎵Don’t youuuu forget about meeee🎵

Our goal with a cold email is to either:

  1. See if you will talk to us

  2. Get you to say no

  3. Be memorable (for when you do need our service) 

Newer freelancers want to work with you at all costs. 

Which is why their emails reek of desperation: 

“Dear [NAME].

I need your money so Here’s all the services I can offer you, please oh PLEASE hire me. 


PS– Please hire meeeeee I’ll do whatever you need.”

Been there, done that 😂

Seasoned freelancers know you might not be a good fit.

But they won’t know until they talk to you. 

So they take the chance. 

And they will keep emailing you. Like once a month. 


If you want it to stop. Respond. 

“No thanks I don’t need this” is fine. 

We’ll thank you. Take you off our list. And we won’t email you again. 


You and I both know cold pitching is a numbers game. 

You might say no. But we only need 1-2 people to say yes. 

Those 1-2 replies are the difference between doing a project. And being an entrepreneur. 

So see you in your inbox,

Signed every freelancer who wants to make it 

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Ame is a B2B copywriter for tech/software brands and entrepreneurs. She also writes Script Tips— a weekly newsletter about copywriting, marketing videos, and other stuff. I live by Bowie’s words, “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”