Content Is Only King With A Plan

Content Is Only King With A Plan

My Take

You’ve probably heard the adage of that “Content is King.” This is only true if you have the plan and structure in place.

So many people are clamoring around ChatGPT and how it’s the end of this or that. Even if ChatGPT wrote better than my 10 year-old son, you couldn’t/shouldn’t use it verbatim.

You have to edit it and make it original or you’ll more than likely get dinged by Google and the other search engines for unoriginal/AI content. In addition, you have to figure out the right keywords/phrases to use in your prompt to the AI and even then you need to make sure it’s in the right tone and voice and is actually applicable to what you want to say.

So much goes into content before it’s “King.” Don’t get blinded by the jargon and sayings that sound good, but might not always be accurate.

There’s news that Microsoft has invested in ChatGPT and is incorporating into Bing. We need to remember that Microsoft is after the underlying technology and codebase, not necessarily the existing and outdated dataset. This investment by Microsoft will make Bing an interesting contender in the search market, but definitely it’s not going to unseat Google as #1, who has it’s own, albeit not publicly accessible, AI model called Lambda.

In the end, if you use AI to aid with your content generation, remember that what you get is more of a first draft than anything else. Definitely not a final draft.

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I’m in the midst of reading this book by Sam Jacobs called Kind Folks Finish First: The Considerate Path to Success in Business and Life. Sam is the founder of Pavilion an online community for business leaders to support each other. His book, so far, is a eye opening look at how being kind to people and helping without expecting anything in return can help you succeed. It’s worth picking up. And if you haven’t checked out Pavilion (Affiliate Link) you should. I’m really enjoying my time in the group.

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