Community Is Huge And Growing

Community is becoming a hot topic. Let’s talk about it.

Community Is Huge And Growing

My Take

I just recorded and episode with marketing legend Mark Schaefer about his newest book (he has more than 11) Belonging To The Brand*. It is slated to be published early March so stay tuned on that. I’ve noticed something lately, communities are sprouting everywhere. Good ones are getting more prevalent as well.

With the growth of community getting stronger, finding your tribe/group is getting easier and easier. Some of this community development can be attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic and people’s needs for human connection while in lockdown other communities have been around longer and have had a more natural and gradual rise. Regardless we’re now in the age of community.

Two books come to mind when it comes to businesses using communities to grow their brand and engage with their customers. Mark Schaefer’s book Belonging To The Brand and David Spinks’ book The Business of Belonging*. Both authors have been involved in building and studying communities for years. And both wrote excellent books on the topic. In both, they discuss how businesses can leverage communities to bolster their brand identity, grow their reach, and so much more.

As communities sprout for both personal topics and business areas, we, the public, are in an unique spot. We have a chance to influence where businesses or organizations go. How they operate and engage. We also, on the personal side, can connect easier than ever before with like minded individuals.

We’re truly in a magical time of connection.

What do you think? Do you belong to some communities? Share the in the comments or hit reply and let me know.

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Find Of The Week

Growth Forum is a new community that just launched last Thursday. Like all new communities it needs to see critical mass. But so far it’s looking really strong. They have podcasts associated with the forum and some big hitters involved. To name one, if I must, Darryl Praill, the CMO of Agorapulse is involved. Personally, if I know Darryl is involved it’s got to be good and have legs.


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As always stay curious!

– Seth

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