Big Tech Does Not Equal Good Tech Or Even Safe Tech

Big Tech Does Not Equal Good Tech Or Even Safe Tech
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With the recent revelations coming out of court of Meta (Facebook's parent company) using a VPN that it bought to spy on users using Snapchat, big tech is evil. Especially Facebook.

Unfortunately for marketers, it's a demon we need to interact with to reach our customers. Instagram and even Facebook ads are so relevant and on point that marketers can't stop using them, especially with the loss of 3rd party cookies in most browsers.

But Meta using a "free VPN" service to spy on its users, who I might add think they are hidden, is reprehensible. To be honest, if this wasn't a corporation, it would be classified as a adversary-in-the-middle attack and would be a criminal offense.

From TechCrunch:

One of the documents details Facebook’s Project Ghostbusters. The project was part of the company’s In-App Action Panel (IAPP) program, which used a technique for “intercepting and decrypting” encrypted app traffic from users of Snapchat, and later from users of YouTube and Amazon, the consumers’ lawyers wrote in the document.

Facebook claims it wasn't for nefarious reasons, but they were spying on their users, without knowledge. Disgusting! 😡

This is why "FREE anything" is never FREE! When it's free you and your data IS the product.

I'm hopeful that places like Mastodon and other alternatives will grow and become the mainstream. (I'm tempted to lean into Meta's and federation with Mastodon et. al, but I'll spare you. For now 😜)

What do you think about this VPN craziness?

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