Being In Real Life With People!

Being In Real Life With People!

I just came back from a 4 day trip to Washington DC where I was at the annual WordCamp US for the WordPress community.

It was a great time. Lots of great connections made and rekindled, great sessions, and the vendor SWAG was off the hook.

One of the biggest takeaways from the event was how much I’ve been missing face-to-face, in real life connection. Yes, I’ve been going to networking events, but nothing quite like this one. It was great to see people that I’ve only caught up with online, in real life and meeting people that I’ve only known from a Zoom (et. al) window.

This really shows the power of IRL connection.

Unfortunately, but not surprising, Covid is spreading through the ranks like wildfire. But, so far, only mild cases. I’ve tested multiple times and I’m luckily still negative.

If you’re at all interested in seeing picture from my adventure you can check them out here. I wrote up a longer recap of the event over at Goldstein Media.

Have you been to a conference since Covid went to endemic status? How did it go? Fill me in. Mash the reply button.

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Web Jawn

Maybe Elon is trying to improve Twitter/X? I really can’t tell. It’s like whack-a-mole.

This is good to see especially since people, in the business world, use LinkedIn quite a bit.

I’m kind of excited about this, since I’ve resigned myself that I’m cross posting this newsletter here and on LinkedIn.

This is a logical move. I get why Microsoft tried to keep it’s Bing Chat on Edge, but more people use vanilla Chrome.

This was bound to happen. I get why they are doing it, but without good content, these AI models are going to eventual eat their own tail and not be as useful.

Well that’s a bit terrifying if you ask me. If it’s AI-augmented content, where people still have a strong hand in its creation, I’m fine with it. But the other way around? Not so much!

A great post over at the AI Supremacy Substack. Really thought provoking.

For those not familiar with PANMA, it was a great group in Philly and it’s closure in 2019 was a sad day. I made so many friends through that group. This is a great write up.

Find Of The Week

Photos. Enhance your content! Brows 8,871 free photos

Having just come back from WordCamp US in the Washington DC area, I thought it only be fitting to share that has a Creative Commons Zero (Public Domain) photo system. You can find it here:

Anyone can contribute and use the photos unincumbered.

It’s pretty immense. I’ve contributed a bunch of photos to it as well.

Check it out!


Agorapulse Advertisement says Take Control of Your Social Media. Robots walking around.

As always stay curious!

– Seth