Podcasting Is NOT In Trouble

Podcasting Is NOT In Trouble

My Take

Podcasting IS NOT in trouble. Just because Spotify, which is a big player in the podcasting space, is laying off some of it’s podcasting staff, doesn’t mean the industry is dying. To be honest, Spotify is just one of many places where people consume podcasts, not the ONLY place. And to be honest, people have been saying that podcasting is in a renaissance and also in a decline since it first started in 2005. And with so many podcasts out in the ecosystem, a slight drop is NOT huge. This is just the media making a story out of nothing, and I’m not a media-basher.

According to everyone’s favorite AI chatbot ChatGPT:

“In fact, it is growing in popularity. According to the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), the number of people who listen to podcasts regularly has increased year over year and the podcast industry continues to attract new listeners and investment. Additionally, many traditional media companies and celebrities are launching their own podcasts, which has helped to increase visibility and mainstream recognition of the medium.ChatGPT – Queried 2/6/2023 – Asked if podcasting is on a decline.

Podcasts, will always have a spot in people’s daily intake of media. Also, would YouTube, the 2nd biggest search engine after Google, be entering the podcasting space if it was dying? I don’t think so! Clearly, this really irks me.


What do you think? Is podcasting in a death spiral? Or is this much to about nothing? Hit reply and let me know your thoughts.

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