Journalism Isn't Dead... It's Different

Journalism Isn't Dead... It's Different

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I had lunch last with one of my journalism professors from University of Delaware, Ben Yagoda. He’s an accomplished journalist, author, and teacher. I’m lucky to have stayed in touch with him some 20+ years after graduating from UD. Talking to him sparked the idea for the weeks post.

Newspapers In The Traditional Sense Are Dying, But Journalism Is Adapting

With newspapers dying out and more people turning to online sites for their news, journalism has to adapt.

Many journalists have started their own hustles in the way of newsletters and online publications.

This is the future.

And though scary at times, I for one, am excited to follow individual journalist that matter to me and support them.

Thinking back to when I graduated from UD in 2004, a future like this was the farthest from my mind. The options were to go work for a newspaper or work in television.

Now, though journalism has changed drastically, the possibilities are endless!

So What Does This Have To Do With Marketing?

Simple! Smart marketers will think outside the box and look for newsletters and blogs that target their individual customer profile (ICP) to put advertisements in those publications.

So you can see that journalism isn’t dead, it’s evolved.

Do you pay for newsletters that matter to you? If you don’t, consider doing so, it really helps the writer continue what they love.

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Web Jawn

Find Of The Week

Not One-Off Britishisms header

This is Ben Yagoda’s blog about British words and expressions that have got popular in the U.S.

It’s definitely a site to bookmark and come back to often!

I Was On The Jason And Bart Show

Seth Goldstein on The Jason and Bart Show Album art

I was on The Jason and Bart Show. I’ve known Bart Mroz for years. I’ve had him on Entrepreneur’s Enigma and now I got to go on his show to discuss digital marketing and AI’s effect on the industry. It was a blast! Have a listen.


That’s it for this week’s issue!

As always stay curious!

– Seth

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