Is SEO Dead? Did Artificial Intelligence Kill It?

Is SEO Dead? Did Artificial Intelligence Kill It?

Is the advent of artificial intelligence killing search engine optimization? Maybe. But is it the end of marketers trying to game the system and optimize? No.

It's more of a shift in focus from the old ways of optimizing for the search engines to how to optimize for AI and the more advanced search engines.

Links are far from dead, but now Google and its cohorts can glean the importance of your site from non-linked mentions on other pages. Pretty neat if you ask me.

I think that the panic that is ensuing with this realization is overblown. Instead of running around with our heads cut off, let's take a deep breath and take a look at how we can use this new technology to get our websites found in the new era.

ChatGPT and Gemini, to name just two, are going to change the landscape of how people use the Internet. And we need to adapt or die off.

We need to remember that SEO and optimization of our web properties have always been a moving target. Google doesn't sit by and let us optimize and game the system without changing things up constantly. Look at last year with all the algorithm updates. It was whack-a-mole all freaking year.

Back in the early twenty-teens we used to optimize for exact match domains. Remember those companies who named themselves "Doylestown Lumber Suppliers?" That was quashed by Google and its ilk once it was found to be gamed.

So AI is just another change that we as web practitioners have to adapt to.

Here's some insights from a buddy of mine in the SEO space, Simon Cox:

"There have always been a lot of different strategies in SEO and a most of them die off quickly as the search engines continually adapt and improve. The ones that have never died off, and are unlikely to, are the basics. This includes Technical SEO where there really are no shortcuts.
Content SEO is where most of the short term strategies have been tried and it has a lot to gain from AI if used as a helpful tool in your toolbox and not as a mass content generator. "

Simon Cox (

How do you plan on adapting? I'd love to hear. Hit reply and let me know. I read all the email replies. 😊

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