How hot is your audience?

How hot is your audience?

Prospects can be hot, warm or cold.

Hot = they know your brand, your offer, and how that offer meets their needs.

Warm= they know they have a need, and they know there are solutions. They don’t know about you yet though (aka they’re solution-aware)

Cold = Foreigner sang it best, 🎶“You’re as cold as ice” 🎶 These are your problem-aware prospects. Something’s wrong, but they don’t know how to fix it.

​What do they know?

Customer awareness levels are going to help you decide how you write your script. Specifically, how you hook your audience, how “direct” your message is, and what call to action you’ll use.

And in some cases, you want to think about your prospects level of awareness when you decide if you even need video.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about video…

But, if you’re selling to your email list of 2k subscribers…

who have known you for 5 years…

they don’t need much persuading.

The Hot Ones

Your hot prospects are the easiest to sell to.

They know you.

They trust you.

Because you already helped them fulfill a desire. So you don’t need to prove yourself.

If you’re selling to your 2k subscriber list, an email saying “Hey, I’m offering X and it will help you do A, B, and C” will get you sales.

The mistake businesses and entrepreneurs make is using that same direct message for their warm and cold prospects.

These prospects need to be wooed (skip the wine and roses though).

Your video just needs to meet people where they are.

Warm Me Up

Warm prospects are solution aware. So your message should focus on their desires.

For example, your audience knows they need help managing their finances. And they know a course is their best option because they’re ready to take control.

You don’t need to convince them they need help with their finances. You need to show them why your course will finally help them wrangle their finances in order and set themselves up for financial stability for the next 5 years (without needing a financial advisor).

Not everyone’s at this point though.

Cold as Ice

Your cold prospects know they suck with money. But, they don’t know how to fix that.

Maybe they need a course…or a financial advisor…who knows?

If you’re writing a script for a cold audience, meet them where they’re at: their problem.

Show them you get what they’re going through. Then lead them to your solution. Highlight how it takes away their pain and show them what they’ll be like after they use your solution.

So 3 levels of prospects, 3 messages. What does that mean for your video marketing though?

The Million Dollar Question

Now, the wheels in your mind are probably turning. And the most common question everyone has might have popped up.

It’s impossible to do any kind of marketing–especially video marketing–and NOT ask this question.

That question is…

“How do I target everyone in my video?”

You don’t.

Which means you probably need multiple versions of your video so you can tailor your message to your customers’ level of awareness.

Not a popular answer, I know. But if you segment your audience for your emails and ads, you should be doing this for your video content too.


Conversion is a numbers game. So, bet on the message that matches its market.

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