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Get Real about IG Reels

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I’ve never loved Instagram for marketing. 

Because I write B2B copy. 

B2B can succeed on IG…

But B2C does better unless you’re a company/entrepreneur targeting those B2C companies/entrepreneurs. 


I’ve changed my mind though and now I’m experimenting with Instagram. 

Especially Reels. 

Because Reels are hot. And I’m trying to grow a nutrition blog on the side. 

Fun fact: I have a real science-based nutrition degree. 

So I did what anyone would do– start watching a TON of Reels. 

My takeaways:

1) Reels are entertainment first, education second.

The best Reels are entertaining. Like people’s Halloween shenanigans. 

Or about topics people care about as people (not as business owners). 

  • Getting into med school.

  • Quitting your toxic job. 

  • Becoming financially stable. 

That’s what appeals to the person. Not the business owner. 

2) Lifestyle content does very well on IG.

Social media is almost the new Google Search for lifestyle stuff. 

But it’s better because you don’t have to think about what you’re looking for. 

The content comes to you. 

And the beauty of the algorithm…

Similar content comes to you. 

The fun never ends

My take on this is:

Reels are great for building brand awareness. But you might be able to sell IF you have a lifestyle product. 

3) Text is a good hook

People watch Reels without the sound on. So captions are helpful. 

They also make great hooks. 

“POV: You just got home from a long day and your dog greets you like this” is a better hook and you just opening the door. 

If you don’t have a strong visual hook, use text.

Ame Proietti is a contributing writer to Marketing Junto and a freelance copywriter for hire. Find out more about Ame here:

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