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2 Reels later…

I script explainer, brand awareness, and training videos–

Not a lot of social media videos. 

Which means they’re newish to me.

But I’m convinced that with the right skills and information, you can make any type of video (and get results).

Which is why I’ve been experimenting with Instagram Reels. 

Putting my money where my mouth is

And I made 2 Reels.

This one’s my favorite

Go meeeeee

Sure, 2 isn’t a lot. But gotta start somewhere, right?

So here we are. 2 Reels in. 

And this is what the data looks like so far:

For 2 Reels on an account with 328 followers…

That’s recently changed niches….

It’s not too shabby

And this is what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Shorter seems better for my style. My 0:13 Reel had 19 more views than my 0:24 second one. But I’ve seen longer Reels like full skits or people talking about their lives/daily routines perform well.

  2. Captions are a must. Made that mistake for the first one.

  3. Aim for the replay. second Reel had 95 replays vs 70. Replays show more engagement (and will help your content reach farther).

  4. Don’t expect follows from Reels. I say this as a watcher (not maker of Reels). I need to see your content pop up a few times..or it needs to be really interesting to get a follow from me.

As a maker of Reels, I expect people feel the same. So the goal is brand awareness…not follows.

So, what’s this got to do with you?

Everyone wants to be on social media because it’s the thing to do.

And it’s worth exploring…

You just have to be super clear on:

  • Your goals

  • Your strategy

  • Your target audience (and what they want from you).

And then test, test, and test again.

Because you can’t make good decisions if you don’t have the data.


Ame Proietti is a contributing writer to Marketing Junto and a freelance copywriter for B2B brands and entrepreneurs. Ame also writes Script Tips—a newsletter about making better (than 80% of whats on Youtube/social media) videos.

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